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How to Use a Terminal Block Connector

Rail-mounted terminal block systems

A practical way to connect various electrical wires is the terminal block. The market gives us so many shapes and sizes and it’s impossible not to find one that fits the best your current project. You do need to use them right though and follow some ground rules when it comes to choosing and using the terminal blocks.

Terminal BlocksIt’s very important to know which type of connection your electrical equipment needs (screw-in or plug-in connection). The most common ones are the screw-in wires that are place inside the terminal blocks. They are screwed into position and don’t need high voltage protection. They are very easy to use, as you only need to clip it into place.

On the other hand, a plug-in connection comes with a male terminal at the end of the wire. You connect this terminal to the female port on your terminal block, creating a secure connection.

You also need to find a terminal block that fits the rest of your needs. You do have to know how many wires you connect, the space for the connection. Considering the variety of shapes and sizes, finding a terminal block that fits the best isn’t that challenging.

Choose the right rating as well and you should go with the highest current level that the terminal will conduct, so that you may use the strong equipment.

Turn off the electrical equipment before beginning to work and always secure the screw-in connection. Always secure the plug-in connection also as you don’t want it loose when moving.

Don’t forget to test your equipment. Check the terminal block and the connections so the risk for excessive heat building up is minimal. Take a better look at the wires once again as you do want them securely in place.